Clinical Collaboration

HAUS Recovery Treatment Collaboration Services

When you leave rehab and enter HAUS Recovery’s sober living program, you step into a world designed for your success. Our comfortable, abstinence-based environment supplies the companionship, safety and structure you need to resume normal activities while continuing treatment and practicing the new life skills you will use daily in recovery.

For those with a dual-diagnosis or co-occurring condition, success in this new, structured environment depends on the continuation of therapy and treatment. One of the essential services provided by your HAUS case manager is collaboration and care coordination with all members of your treatment team.

Sobriety Requires Consistency & Clarity

Too often, the transition from residential rehab to ongoing support and therapy is derailed by miscommunication and inconsistency. The results can be disastrous for recovering clients. Instead of receiving the structured treatment and clear, coordinated messaging needed to achieve treatment success, people find themselves vulnerable to mixed messages, conflicting appointment schedules, responsibility for making last-minute adjustments, and the temptation to engage in triangulation.

HAUS Recovery recognizes that you have not yet perfected the life skills needed to overcome these vulnerabilities. To create a sound basis for your sober living experience, your case manager works to communicate and establish collaboration with:

  • Doctors & clinicians
  • Rehab centers
  • Outpatient programs
  • Psychiatrists
  • Therapists & counselors
  • Legal advocates & representatives

Within this joint network, care providers maintain communication and work in concert to establish regular treatment routines that promote behaviors conducive to a sober lifestyle.

Treatment Collaboration Service Offerings

The HAUS Recovery program ensures your continued treatment and promotes success in recovery with these services:

  • Shared feedback from clinicians
  • Weekly calls to update the entire clinical team on progress & challenges encountered
  • Environmental observations & insights that assist clinicians with therapy
  • Introduction of different therapeutic modalities when indicated
  • Clear & open communication that eliminates misunderstanding and discourages manipulation

HAUS Collaboration Services Result in a More Successful Recovery

As you work to create your new sober life, your HAUS case manager keeps treatment and support activities on track. With your entire team on the same page and working toward the same goal, you will succeed in recovery!

To begin your journey or speak with an admissions counselor about insurance coverage, self-payment and program availability, dial 888.551.4715 or connect confidentially online.