The HAUS Recovery Philosophy

At HAUS Recovery, our work is guided by these two simple principles that are key to living a fulfilling life in sobriety:

  1. Lasting recovery is possible if you learn always to be present.
  2. Achieving long-lasting recovery is accomplished by taking one step at a time.

Our goal is to teach you how to incorporate these principles into your own life and to give you the tools and life skills to successfully live by them.

The Principles in Action

Drug and alcohol addiction is often an attempt to dull reality or escape from yourself. When you begin to be present, you become self-aware. You learn to recognize emotions in yourself and others; you begin to interact with the people and things around you; and you develop a capacity for empathy, appreciation, and enthusiasm. By taking one step at a time, you stay focused on your goals and allow time for self-discovery and mastery of new skills.

Nature Is our Classroom

HAUS Recovery is located in a beautiful Santa Monica neighborhood in proximity to the beach and mountains. With this closeness to nature, we can use the great outdoors as a discovery and grounding tool for our clients. Our weekly schedule includes group activities like hiking in the mountains, or running, biking, surfing and skating along the beach. We believe these activities are essential to physical well-being, as well as to our clients’ overall happiness. We also hold weekly recovery meetings at the beach, where the sand and surf provide a soothing backdrop for reflecting on weekly recovery goals.

Attaining Your Full Potential

Our emphasis on staying focused, maintaining a positive attitude, caring for oneself and others, and finding enjoyment in nature creates a sobriety roadmap that enables individuals to attain their full recovery potential.