About Our HAUS

Our hourses are spacious, two-story homes with indoor and outdoor amenities that encourage you to feel comfortable, relaxed, and open to mentorship and guidance.

  • There are private suites and shared bedrooms in the house.
  • HAUS bedrooms are well appointed and furnished, and each is equipped with a flat screen television and other creature comforts.
  • The HAUS has a large living area for gatherings and fellowship, as well as multiple communal areas where you can find privacy when needed.
  • We provide weekly housekeeping and supplies for outdoor recreation.
  • A spacious kitchen and dining area promote client participation in cooking classes and nutritious family-style meals prepared by our private chef.

Outdoors at the HAUS

We believe that the outdoors has an ability to heal the body, mind, and spirit. To encourage residents to spend time in the sunshine, we provide a lush lawn, flowering shrubs, and a lovingly tended vegetable garden. Relax in two comfortable, enclosed lounge areas, or dine on the brick patio. HAUS Recovery residents also enjoy our open-air fire pit and barbecue areas, where our community of clients and staff gather to eat, play games, and process the day’s experiences.

Lifestyle Support for Your Sober Transition

At HAUS, we recognize that dependency has depleted your energy and stripped your body of nutrients and strength. To restore well-being and encourage a lifetime of healthful living, we offer these lifestyle amenities during your stay with us:

Clean Food at HAUS
Our chef prepares only fresh, organic meats and produce, creating delicious meals bursting with the restorative nutrients your body needs. Meals prepared with fresh ingredients and low amounts of salt, sugar and fat are believed to enhance your mood and lower the risk of mental health issues.

Onsite Gym
Residents at HAUS are encouraged to work out regularly to restore physical and mental strength. There is a Peleton Bike with onDemand Classes and Tonal Machine with onDemand Classes as well as other workout eqipment, for example YogaMats & Adjustable Dumbbells TRX

Weekly Fitness Group
Physical activity is an essential tool for recovery. For clients desiring a custom workout, personal trainers are available to help you set, meet and celebrate exercise goals. Trainer will provide fitness assesment and fitness goals.

Clients in all stages of recovery must learn to honor themselves and prioritize self-care. In partnership with community businesses, HAUS Recovery offers these unmatched amenities to encourage relaxation, enhance concentration and strengthen the resolve to live in sobriety.

Our Amenities Support Your Recovery

At HAUS Recovery, we have created an environment that empowers relaxation, spiritual growth, and independent living. Our coastal location is ideal for those seeking solitude or adventure. Here, you will acquire the skills needed to re-enter your family relationships, thrive in the workplace, and find your purpose without relying on drugs, alcohol, and other addictions.

Begin your HAUS journey today: call 888-551-4715 to speak with an admissions counselor and learn more about our beautiful California facility and comprehensive transitional living program.