Paul Kaufman


Paul Kaufman

Director / Founder

Paul, father of 3 girls and a true Santa Monica native strives to support those recovering from substance use or mental health disorders to find their full potential.

Paul’s own struggle with drugs and alcohol had taken over his life in his 20's. He believes the sole reason he has maintained continuous sobriety is the 12 step foundation that he acquired while completing 6 months of sober living, post 30 day treatment.

With over 15 years working as a care provider his extensive experience has left many positive imprints, helping clients build a foundation for their prosperous lives. Through clear lines of honest communication Paul will provide clients and families nurturing encouragement to stimulate growth, skills and sustainable recovery.

In his free time Paul loves to surf, hike, mountain bike and spend meaningful time with his family.

taylor gold


Taylor Gold

Community Counselor

Taylor is a Los Angeles local that brings years of personal recovery, compassion and a strong understanding of the recovery process to our team. He started to truly live when he got sober in 2015. Taylor is very dedicated to his own sobriety and is currently working on receiving his CADC.

Taylor emphasizes a total body approach to recovery and loves sharing that with our residents. He never says no to a game of basketball or tennis at our local courts. He truly cares about every resident and has an ability to empathize with a client while setting and maintaining strong boundaries.

juanita massie


Juanita Massie

Community Counselor

Juanita was introduced to the treatment community after overcoming her own addiction to drugs and alcohol. She began working in substance use and mental health treatment in 2008. With years of experience Juanita ensures HAUS Recovery provides the highest level of care to our clients and that we exceed all standards of care. Juanita has completed her CAARR curriculum. She is grateful to know that she’s found her passion for helping other addicts and co-occurring disordered individuals.

kate miller


Kate Miller

Chef / Community Counselor

Kate Miller was born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She pursued her passion of culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University. Kate’s battle with addiction came to an end when she decided to seek treatment. Post treatment Kate lived in a sober living for 1 full year. There she confirmed her commitment to 12 step recovery. Today she encourages clients to stay one day at a time. Kate is truly passionate about whatever she does. Her contagious laughter and smile fills HAUS Recovery with true Aloha spirit. Kate not only nourishes the house with clean food, but also with love and compassion.

natalie barajas


Natalie Barajas

Community Counselor

Natalie Barajas was raised in Venice, CA. Natalie is a dedicated mother of 4 children who wants to break the cycle of addiction and depression in her family so her children have a better opportunity to live a happy, joyous and free life. Gratefully in October of 2016 Natalie decided that she was done with her destructive lifestyle. Natalie has overcome her addiction and depression through surrender and willingness to stay connected to a community of recovery at all costs. When given the opportunity to work in treatment she jumped without hesitation. She thrives to help others overcome these deadly impairments. She encourages the clients to attend meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps, and overall stay connected to their passions and assets. If nothing changes then nothing changes.