Volunteer Placement

HAUS Recovery Volunteer Placement Services

HAUS Recovery is deeply committed to volunteer service. Our owner, Paul Kaufman, and many of our staff are in long-term recovery and have dedicated their lives to mentoring and assisting others working toward recovery and sober living. They understand firsthand the lasting benefit of receiving help from others, as well as the sense of fulfillment that comes from “giving back.”

HAUS residents are encouraged to volunteer in the Santa Monica community, and the HAUS staff offers placement services to help you find a volunteer activity that enhances your recovery and promotes personal growth.

Gaining Fulfillment from Volunteering

A fundamental component of HAUS Recovery is learning to take care of yourself and others. Self-care puts you in touch with thoughts and emotions and makes you more aware of inner strengths and weaknesses. Supporting others diverts attention from yourself, provides perspective, and grounds you with a sense of humility.

At HAUS Recovery, we believe your recovery is strengthened when you serve others. During the transition from rehab to aftercare, HAUS residents spend at least two hours per week in volunteer service. By sharing their time, talents and fellowship, these men and women develop empathy, gratitude and human understanding that sustains them during and after treatment.

Rewards of Volunteering

Studies show that volunteers become part of a community and are less likely to feel isolated or depressed. For HAUS residents transitioning into sober living, philanthropy also provides opportunities to make friends and practice newly acquired social skills. This stewardship focus helps clients develop a more accurate view of their lives and reminds them of the importance of the shared human experience.

Men and women residing at HAUS enjoy these additional benefits when giving of their time and resources:

  • Reduced stress
  • Empathy for others
  • Mental stimulation
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Sense of pride
  • A renewed sense of purpose
  • More positive view of life
  • Feelings of happiness

HAUS Recovery Community Service

Communities and organizations rely on the service of volunteers to increase the reach of tight budgets and supplement small staff numbers. HAUS Recovery supports Share a Meal, an organization that prepares and delivers hot meals and water to people in need. Each Thursday night, local volunteers, including staff and residents from HAUS Recovery, gather at the Share a Meal food truck to distribute hot food and warm fellowship to the homeless of our community.

To learn more about our service opportunities or speak with HAUS volunteer coordinators, call 888.551.4715 today.