HAUS Recovery Mentoring Services

After your stay in residential rehab, did you worry about returning home? Did you feel insecure about your ability to resist old habits and stay away from old friends? Were you afraid of having too much freedom before you were ready? These apprehensions are common for people in early recovery from drug and alcohol misuse, and they are all too familiar to the residents and staff at HAUS Recovery.

Benefits of HAUS Mentoring

One of the advantages of sober living at HAUS is having fellow residents and a wonderful support team to help you stay clean while you transition from treatment to “normal life.” Our owner, Paul Kaufman, and many HAUS staff members are in long-term recovery now—but they remember the fears and difficulties of early recovery. Those memories serve as powerful motivation to help others understand the importance of mentorship.

Our residents are at different stages of the sobriety journey, and they, too, have much to contribute as peer mentors. The fellowship that comes from shared experiences provides much-needed understanding and empathy that can smooth the way for a fellow traveler. During your stay at the HAUS, we hope you will take advantage of the mentorship offered, and in turn, benefit fellow residents with your personal recovery insights. In time, everyone grows in strength and empowerment as they share both doubts and successes.

Mentors who have abused drugs and alcohol and succeeded in recovery have understanding and knowledge to impart. Mentors in the process of early recovery can discuss current problems and share the solutions they are trying. Together, this mentorship results in a range of proven benefits:

  • Shared emotional support
  • Role modeling
  • Problem solving
  • Lessons learned the hard way
  • Shared information on resources & services
  • Emotional balance
  • Real-life examples of recovery success