For Parents

To Parents & Loved Ones of HAUS Recovery Clients

You should feel a great deal of pride and encouragement that your loved one recognizes his or her need for additional recovery help. It is a sign of growing maturity and self-awareness since they realize that recovery success requires structure, life skills, and support from others who have succeeded in reaching long-lasting sobriety.

This is the great advantage of sober living at HAUS Recovery. We know the recovery journey, and we know how to support your loved one as they encounter uncertainty and temptation in everyday life. We are trained and certified professionals, but many of us are also in long-term recovery and able to provide needed mentorship at just the right time.

Relapse is all too common in the months after rehab because substance abusers in early recovery lack skills and discipline required to avoid triggers and resist temptations. At HAUS, your loved one will have a structured schedule and case management that will help them remain clean and sober.

Complete abstinence is vital to recovery, and we conduct regular random substance screenings. Nutritious meals are prepared by our private chef, and regular mealtimes are part of our daily regimen. Our 11 pm curfew is also closely monitored. Required medication is dispensed as prescribed under the supervision of your loved one’s case manager, who also oversees appointments, counseling, and support group attendance.

The HAUS program is based on a sincere belief that it is possible to attain your full potential. Your loved one’s stay at our HAUS is one of those steps. During this time, we will:

  • Guide them to new, empowering experiences.
  • Show them how to strengthen the mind, body & spirit.
  • Offer fellowship & understanding.
  • Support them through the difficult times that lie ahead.

Your love, support, and personal healing are also a vital part of recovery, and we want to you be involved. Your loved one’s case manager will keep the lines of communication open and help you to revitalize your family relationships.

One step will lead to yet another until abstinence becomes a welcome habit—and sober living is an exciting, joyous, rewarding lifelong adventure!