HAUS Recovery Schedule

As you transition from rehab to everyday life, it’s easy to lose your way. HAUS Recovery recognizes common sobriety pitfalls, so we designed a schedule of activities to strategically fill your time, nourish your body and enrich your spirit. At HAUS, we believe a structured framework of activities energizes you and lends vital support for enduring sobriety.


Goals Meeting (9 am)
For clients in early recovery, each week begins with contemplation of the work ahead. HAUS counselors guide clients as they set shared objectives and individual goals. Maintaining abstinence is always a primary goal, and the group discusses the life skills and strategies they will practice to make abstinence a permanent part of their lives.

Cooking Class (3:30 pm)
Chef-prepared meals at HAUS Recovery feature wholesome organic foods that restore nutrients lost during years of dependency. Monday cooking class prepares clients to continue healthy eating long after they leave HAUS. Residents learn how to plan balanced meals, select fresh organic produce and prepare dishes that are satisfying and nutritious.


Morning Meditation (9 am)
HAUS believes long-lasting recovery depends on gaining control over negative thoughts and discordant emotions. Tuesday and Thursday mornings begin with 30 minutes of guided meditation to help clients focus their minds and set their intentions for the day. Meditation teaches participants to be present and live one day at a time. These are cornerstones of the HAUS philosophy, and clients are encouraged to make meditation a daily practice in their sober lives.


Peer Feedback (9 am)
A strong, sober support system is indispensable when making the difficult transition from rehab to recovery. During this hour-long session, HAUS clients share their sobriety challenges, fears and small, daily successes. Counselors encourage the other clients to examine their own experiences and offer suggestions and insights. This meeting is an opportunity for exploring common bonds and exchanging information on resources, coping strategies and newly developed interests.


Morning Meditation (9am)

Volunteering (6:30 pm)
Haus Recovery Community Service
Thursday nights at HAUS are reserved for volunteer service at the Venice boardwalk with Share a Meal charity. Clients and staff work from 6:30 to 8:30 to distribute hot food, water and fellowship to the homeless. By reaching out to help others, participants develop empathy, perspective, human understanding and more realistic expectations about themselves.


Outdoor Morning (8:30 am)
On Friday mornings, adventure takes over at HAUS. Living in sobriety shouldn’t be dull, so clients are invited to experience the thrill of surfing at Santa Monica beach or hiking through the magnificent scenery of the nearby mountains. Your stay at HAUS Recovery is the start of a lifelong adventure in sober living, and you are encouraged to stay active and challenge yourself.